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Keeping Texas Big,
Wide and Open
Created by landowners for landowners, TALT's mission is to protect private working lands, thus conserving Texas’ heritage of wide open spaces.

Photo © D.K. Langford

Who We Are

dyerConcerned that Texas is losing its rural lands faster than any other state in the country, leaders of Texas’ statewide agricultural, wildlife and landowner organizations came together in 2006 to create the Texas Agricultural Land Trust.

With a Board of Directors who, as landowners themselves, understand the day-to-day challenges of farming and ranching, TALT promotes the conservation of open space, native wildlife habitats, and natural resources of Texas’ private working lands.

TALT, a non-profit organization, today has partnered with landowners to conserve 216,000 acres. Created by farmers and ranchers for farmers and ranchers, TALT is proud to play a role in conserving Texas’ legacy of wide open spaces.

movieClick here to watch "Protect, Conserve, Pass On".
A compelling video about TALT's history and the need to protect open space in Texas.

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The Stewardship Manager’s role is to help TALT slow the loss of agricultural lands and wildlife habitats by ensuring sound projects, and by promoting conservation and stewardship of Texas’ privately-owned lands. The Stewardship Manager oversees TALT’s stewardship and monitoring activities, and helps to promote private lands conservation in Texas by cultivating a robust network of resource professionals who work directly with landowners. Together with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Stewardship Manager functions as primary “on-the-ground” liaison between TALT’s Land Transactions Department and landowners. The Stewardship Manager also helps to identify programs and sources of funding for TALT’s conservation efforts, and works with the CEO and other TALT staff to implement relevant portions of TALT’s annual outreach plan.

About TALT: TALT strives to conserve the Texas heritage of agricultural lands and the many benefits – such as food, fiber, open space and drinking water -- that those lands provide for ALL Texans. To accomplish this, TALT seeks to partner with conservation-minded landowners to protect their properties. TALT has immense respect for landowners who willingly place perpetual restrictions on their properties, and seeks to foster a culture of trust and partnership that endures from generation to generation. The Stewardship Manager plays a key role in developing these partnerships.

Requirements: To be considered, a candidate must have experience in managing an agricultural or hunting operation, or in a related field. Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential. TALT will give preference to candidates with a background in real estate; oil and gas; and GIS.

Qualified candidates may send a resume to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .